The TRUTH about online coin values

People always ask me if they can get
accurate coin values on the Internet

My answer:

“It’s virtually impossible to get accurate values of a coin online.”

1878 Morgan

1878 Morgan

You see… An accurate coin value depends on several factors that require an experienced coin dealer or grading service to physically look at it.

And you also have to keep in mind that value, what you’d pay, and what a coin dealer will pay will be different.

Here are just a few of the big factors…

Grade and Condition

There are several tiers of professional grading services… PCGS and NGC being the largest and most respected.

There are also many levels of grading, based on the physical condition. Identical coins, graded identically by both services, can even be different values.

If a coin has never been professionally graded, the value is subjective to the person looking at it, and there are a lot of variables in the condition and history, which is why I need to see it up close.

A huge influence on the value or price of a coin is how many coins in a particular grade are available for people to buy. There are always a limited number of total coins available to the market, which in large part can determined by how many were originally minted.

Demand for certain coins is influenced by many things. Popularity, current events, and new designs and redesigns are just some of the factors. Demand at any given time often affects coin values, sometimes dramatically.

Melt Value
The intrinsic value of the gold and silver content can be a major factor in the coin’s value. In 1965 the U.S. started switching the composition of dimes, nickels, and half dollars from 90% silver to a copper and nickel blend.

Many pre-1964 coins are worth more for their silver content than as a collectible. Sometimes – lots more! Their values rise and fall with the value of gold and silver.

So the bottom line:

If you want an accurate value of a single coin, or a complete coin collection, whether it’s personal or from an estate, call me first.

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2 thoughts on “The TRUTH about online coin values

  1. Victoria -

    Indeed it depends on several factors why coin values are different. I think it’s influenced by the market condition. When you buy a coin, you have to measure the risk whether it will be beneficial or even it makes you loss. The inflation rate and the market trend are two crucial factors.

    1. Greg

      Yes, there are several factors in play, and these could also affect the value of a coin.

      Thanks for your comment.


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