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How to get maximum price when you sell your
coins, gold, and silver…
Every time … Guaranteed!

And get the “truth” about the recent trend of traveling/hotel gold buyers

  • Do you have a collection of gold or silver coins?
  • Or some old, out-of-style, or broken jewelry tucked away, collecting dust?
  • Wondering how much you’d get for it?
  • Should you keep it, or sell it?
  • Who can you trust to give you honest answers?
  • Who will pay you the most?

All are good questions, and you deserve honest answers.

So where in New Hampshire do you go when you
want to sell your gold, silver, coins and jewelry?

Here’s the scoop on the most common places.

UpdateI’m sure you wouldn’t fall for this… but… many companies, especially the traveling buyer shows, have very official and prestigious (often, completely misleading) business names and titles. Often, their names imply they’re associated somehow with well known and respected organizations they have nothing to do with.

Pawn shops
You probably have one in your town. And sure… they’re great for selling your stuff for quick cash… just not much of it. You can almost always get more at a coin and jewelry shop.

E-Bay and Craigslist
You may get more than you would from a pawn shop… but … you’ll have to spend some time writing listings, taking pictures, receiving phone calls and inquiries, meeting with strangers, and paying extra fees.

Traveling gold buyers at hotel road shows
These guys travel around the country, rent rooms at local hotels, and buy full page newspaper ads. Their ads promise to give you the highest prices for your coins, gold, and jewelry, luring unsuspecting people with misleading and over-hyped headlines.

So what do they pay? Well… let’s just say… you’ll only get pennies on the dollar, compared to what a reputable shop will pay you. Think about it… they’re not part of your community, so they have no incentive to pay you what your stuff is really worth. They’ll be gone tomorrow.

Plus, their buyers typically are inexperienced in the industry. Oops… sorry if I offended them… I think they have to go through a 6 week class to become gold, silver, and rare coin experts. Jeesh…

Of course, you don’t have to believe me, all you have to do is just check out websites like CoinWeek at

But your smartest option… is to simply check with your local coin shop first
If you want to sell your gold, silver, platinum, or coin collection…why wouldn’t you first stop by or call a reputable local coin dealer or jewelry store, and see what they’ll pay? (If you’re in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, or Massachusetts, you can call me at Seacoast Coin & Jewelry in Hampton, NH)

A local coin shop will almost always pay more – usually MUCH more – for your coins and gold or silver jewelry than the other places.

“Greg at Seacoast Coin & Jewelry is honest, fair, and knows coin values like the back of his hand. He just offered me $5,876 for the same coins that a traveling coin and gold buying company set up in a Portsmouth hotel would only give me $823 for.

That’s over 7 times more! So those guys either know nothing about coin values, or they simply prey on unsuspecting people to sell their stuff for quick cash. Either way, don’t trust the traveling buyer shows to give you anywhere near what you gold or coins are worth, because I’ve seen it firsthand.”
Merrill C. – Stratham NH

Common sense tips for coin and jewelry sellers…

Look for a coin dealer who’s got many years of experience under there belt, knows what they’re doing, and is well-known, trusted, and respected in your area.

Research your coin shop online and see if they have any negative comments or complaints. FYI… there are many “complaint” websites, and you can also check them out at

Speaking of which… Check to see if your coin dealer is an Accredited Member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau.

A local, reputable, and experienced New Hampshire coin dealer can recognize the true value of your rare coins and offer you sound and accurate advice.

Now that you know a little more about places to sell you coins…

What’s the secret to getting the highest price?

To see who will give you the highest price for your coins, gold, or silver, call several places and give them the same exact description of what you have. What you want to do is compare “apples” to “apples”.

It’s as simple as that!

If you have gold or silver coins or jewelry, and want to get a no-hassle quote, call me today at 603-926-7771.

Seacoast Coin & Jewelry in Hampton, NH is an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau. We’ve been in Hampton for 30 years, and have built a solid reputation with thousands of coin and jewelry clients all over New England…

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