Get Paid For Coins, Unwanted Gold, Silver Jewelry

Turn your old coins, unwanted, broken gold,
diamond, or silver jewelry into instant cash

Now that spring has finally arrived in New Hampshire, it’s time to get serious about spring cleaning.

But I’m not talking about cleaning your house… I’m talking about cleaning out your drawers, boxes, and jewelry boxes to find old jewelry and coins you can turn into cash.

Consider it like a spring cleaning for your valuables.

It’s fun, easy, and can be profitable, too!

Step 1. Go through your jewelry or coins and dust them off

Get Cash for Gold and Silver Jewelry and Coins

Get paid for gold and silver jewelry and coins

Look for:

  • Gold, silver, diamond jewelry you don’t wear any more, or you simply don’t like
  • Broken gold or silver items like earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, chains, watches, sterling flatware
  • Earrings that are missing a mate
  • Gold or silver coins that are just collecting dust

Step 2. Put everything into a ziplock bag or box and bring it to us

Step 3. We’ll check it out, give you a price, and you’ll get paid on the spot

See! Told you spring cleaning was simple…

You clean out the old coins and jewelry, and then you get paid.

Or if you prefer, we can work out a trade on some new jewelry or coins.

So gather up your old coins and unwanted jewelry, and
visit our showroom in Hampton, NH, or call 603-926-777

Seacoast Coin & Jewelry
725 Lafayette Road
Hampton, NH 03842
Tel: 603-926-7771
Hours: Monday-Friday 9 to 5

2 thoughts on “Get Paid For Coins, Unwanted Gold, Silver Jewelry

  1. Sue

    I have a bucket of “junk silver” that my father purchased many years ago that I was thinking of selling. Is that something that you would purchase? Are you open this Wednesday afternoon?

    Thank you

    1. Greg Post author


      Definitely bring it in so I can see what you have! Yes, we’re open M-F next week from 9AM-5PM.



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