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Another large online precious metal dealer bites the dust

Customers who buy and sell gold or silver bullion from online dealers in order to save a few bucks should be very, very careful!

Because it’s happened again.

On April 1st, one of the country’s largest metal dealers, Northwest Territorial Mint,? filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

And not long ago in 2014, a large online bullion dealer, Tulving Company, suddenly collapsed and failed, presumably with 40 million dollars of their customer’s money.

Those two business failures alone should make you wonder why they failed at all.

But really… it’s simple. Continue reading

Inheritances, estate coins and jewelry: What to do?

One of my clients, (I’ll call her Jane for the sake of privacy) recently asked me:

“I’ve inherited an estate which contains a bunch of coins and jewelry. I’m not a collector, and don’t know anything about it, or what it’s worth, or what I should do with it”

So Jane, this is a pretty common question, and the answer is simple. Continue reading

Get Paid For Coins, Unwanted Gold, Silver Jewelry

Turn your old coins, unwanted, broken gold,
diamond, or silver jewelry into instant cash

Now that spring has finally arrived in New Hampshire, it’s time to get serious about spring cleaning.

But I’m not talking about cleaning your house… I’m talking about cleaning out your drawers, boxes, and jewelry boxes to find old jewelry and coins you can turn into cash.

Consider it like a spring cleaning for your valuables.

It’s fun, easy, and can be Continue reading

It’s perfectly okay to trade your gold and silver coins, jewelry, or bullion

It’s okay to get what you REALLY want …

We make it easy to trade your gold and silver coins,
bullion, and fine jewelry at Seacoast Coin & Jewelry

Have you ever made an impulse purchase of coins, bullion, or jewelry, and then had buyer’s remorse because it wasn’t what you really wanted?

Or maybe you bought a gift for your better half… a high-end watch, necklace or diamond earrings… something real nice… then discovered they didn’t really like it?

Believe me. It happens. Quite often, too.???? Continue reading